A Plea to Ensure to the Safety and Development of My Special Needs Son

A client came to us recently who had joint custody of her special needs son, with her ex-husband. However, the actions of the ex-husband began to deter their son’s progress; progress the boy had made over the course of several years by engaging in a variety of intensive therapies. If not for these constant efforts, their son would not even have ever spoken. However, he is required constant treatment and therapy, that will likely continue for many more years. His father failed to recognize this and did not act in his best interests. Therefore, the mother successfully moved for sole custody of the parties’ son, to ensure his needs will continue to be met, as well as to ensure his safety. Below is a statement by our client, the mother of the special needs child, who after contentious litigation, was awarded sole custody.

When I divorced six years ago, I naively believed that I would not have to seek legal services regarding the welfare of my special needs child. My ex-husband and I were awarded joint custody. Nonetheless, over the years, he failed to learn about our son’s condition. Consequently, he began to impede our child’s progress. Many of his decisions, actualized during visitation, were downright dangerous to our son’s welfare.

It became clear to me that action would have to be taken. Having moved to New York State from New Jersey, I asked my prominent Bergen County divorce attorney to recommend an attorney who is a member of both the NJ and NY bars. He did not hesitate to provide the name, Kim Rayner. He told me that he witnessed her as being a fantastic trial attorney; he added that she is a most empathetic human being.

He is absolutely correct. Kim Rayner is a tremendous professional. She listens and responds to what she hears. She does her homework and research to best understand all aspects of a case. She knows the law and the court system; she will not “candy coat” and waste your time and money promising what the law will not deliver. In my situation, I needed to protect my child and Kim became a champion for my case.

I am happy to write that I now have sole custody and my ex-husband has agreed to educate himself on his son’s condition. Kim won the case for me, yet, the true winner of this case is my special needs son.

I cannot say or write enough about Kim Rayner, who is adeptly assisted by her associate, Bryan Goldstein. When you hire the Law Offices of David I. Goldstein, you get the utmost experience and knowledge. They are a kind and caring professional team and their staff is courteous, personable, and helpful. I endured a most stressful time but they made it as manageable as possible. Kim Rayner, are ethical expert attorneys. They are simply top of the line!