Unfortunately I have been divorced twice and over the years was represented by 4 different attorneys. Kim, by far, was over and above the others that I had. She was my only attorney for my 2nd divorce and I cannot express how well spent the money was. She knows the laws and TRULY cares for her clients and does not back down. She is strong and vocal when she needs to be and laid back as well. She follows up on things and keeps in touch with you. She takes the time to explain everything to you and goes out of her way to try and right any wrongs. The confidence and trust I have in her to do whats right by me is immeasurable. I was completely at ease with her by my side and you cannot put a value on that! I highly recommend Kim to anyone looking for a competent, aggressive, highly intelligent attorney that represents her clients to the utmost of her abilities! BTW, I know with such praise you might think Im related to her but Im not! Shes actually a wonderful attorney!

- Kenny